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Upmarket plastic Membership / Access Cards. Design & Printing available.

If a minimum amount of cards is required for your choice combination, we will quote you to the closest number of cards according to your quote request.



It’s been proved to boost growth, boost your reputation and make your customers happy. These cards can increase the chances of return visits from your customers, while also helping you to further promote your brand name. Remember to acknowledge frequent visits and to award points to regular customers with loyalty cards! Gift Cards need to be relevant to your product, and to your audience. Personalized Account, Loyalty and Gift cards are fabulous and your clients feel super special.

Retail cards are printed single or dual sided on a RAW sheet of Core. The transparent or magnetic overlay film is then placed over the raw material to protect your high quality print – almost like a sandwich effect. Once laminated the card will be silky smooth, tear and water resistant and will prevent chipping and cracking along the edge of the cards.

Additional features available on retail and leisure cards are hot foiling, metallic print, barcodes and signature panels.



  1. Hot foiling - Add some bling to your card, with a range of foil colors
  2. UV Print - Unique florescent ink, which is only visible under UV lights
  3. Magnetic Stripe & Encoding - Available in HiCo or LoCo and has up to three tracks to encode your data
  4. Signature Panel - Offering standard and custom signature panels. Normal white or patterned strips
  5. Barcode / QR Code - Different combinations of bars and spaces are used to encode characters into bar codes. For QR code’s this type of barcode can be decoded using a smartphone with a QR code reader
  6. Security Hologram - Holographic film fused over your card with a 3 dimensional image, for high security applications
  7. Numbering & Embossing - Think of the raised numbers and letters on your credit card (We only do embossing on letters and numbers). Guidelines document can be requested.
  8. Variable Data & Personalisation - Individually personalisation on cards, either text, numbers or photos
  9. Technology Cards - Contactless / Contact Chip / Mifare and Combination Cards
  10. Special Die Cut Shapes - Shape cutouts that makes your cards look more unique and interesting
  11. Hole Punching - Slot Punch With Lapel Clip Or Lanyard
  12. Card Pouches / Holders - Making a card look even more special and professional when given to a client.
  13. Guilloche - A design element built using a combination of thin, fine lines which are superimposed in such a ways that the final result is visually pleasing and informative. Mechanical copies lose the fine-line structure of the original, helping with anti-counterfeiting. It can be found a lot on money bills.
  14. Micro Text Print - Text that is so small it is invisible to the naked eye. Microprint Text is frequently hidden in an inconspicuous, unnoticeable area on the card. 



Gift Cards
Gift Cards can make for individualized gifts or incentive to an employee to show how greatly they are appreciated. Add bling to your gift card by incorporating hot foil designs or metallic prints.

Popular Options:

  • Hot foiling or Metallic Print
  • Matte Finish
  • Pre-printed cards, Direct to Card Printer for personalization


      Account Cards
      Print professional account cards with printed barcodes and or magnetic stripes to keep personal information confidential and track balances and more.

      Popular Options:

      • Personalized name and account number
      • Magnetic Strip or Barcoded cards
      • Signature Panel
      • Single or Dual sided print


          Loyalty Cards
          Loyalty cards can win back defeated clients, build relationships whiles generating a BUZZ. These cards are the biggest tool for marketing, as your know your clients.

          Popular Options:

          • Promote your brand with printed logos or photo quality graphics
          • Barcode and QR Code
          • Gloss and Matte Finish
          • Different Status Loyalty Cards



            • Correct card size: 85.6mm x 54mm excl bleed
            • 1.5 mm bleed all around
            • 3 mm safe zone (no text near the edges)
            • Fonts embedded /outlined /converted to curves
            • CMYK colours and not RGB (RGB will result in colour differences)
            • Good quality images and graphics (anything above 300dpi is great, Vectors even better)


            Hole Punching: There are two styles of punches available in three locations of the card. Please allow space in your layout for the punch or crucial information will be lost from your card. The punches can be placed in the centre of the long or short side, placed 5mm from the edge of the card, or in the corner 5mm from the long edge and 7mm from the short edge of the card.


            Magnetic Stripe: Please allow for placement of the magnetic stripe 5mm from the top of the card. The stripe is 12.5mm tall. You do not need to add a black box to your artwork, but should allow for it’s placement. Signature panels: Standard panels can be placed 3mm or lower from the magnetic stripe. There are three sizes in our Standard Range, with custom panels also available. • Large panel is 84 x 10mm, • Full length panel is 75mm x 7mm, • Short length is 48mm x 7mm.


            Embossing: Embossed (or raised) letters are available in a size 12 or 16 point, with a maximum of 25 characters per line (including spaces). There are 3 different foil colours for embossing, Black, Silver and Gold. We recommend no more than 3 lines of embossing to reduce warping. Alphanumeric characters are ideal. A select number of characters are available including . (full stop) & (ampersands) , (comma) /(forward slash) ‘(apostrophe) - (hyphen)