We offer our design services globally. Meetings with our clients are held over Microsoft Teams, Discord, Skype or WhatsApp and all calls and meetings are scheduled in advance. So no matter where you or your business are, our design services are available to you.
What we offer
From vintage to modern, from minimalistic to detailed, from icons to digital art, from 3D to animated logos - we design them all according to your requirements, industry and target audience. We do logo designs, refreshes and redraws for companies, organizations, businesses, teams, clans, channels, groups and individuals. We also always create a style guide, so that everyone will know how to use your logo in a way that protects the image of your brand.


Before we start designing your logo, we do target market research and also have a look at you competitors to make sure that you will be getting the most benefit from your logo. We make sure to also take into consideration the countries, cultures and religious backgrounds of your target audience, this is to ensure that as many of them as possible will feel comfortable supporting your brand.
Next step is to put together a moodboard, this is a collection of visual materials that evoke the specific style, concept or look and feel that we would like to convey through the logo. We also take into consideration if the brand has a story or history that needs to be incorporated, or if the brand name has a deeper meaning to convey.
Brainstorming and Concepting
Now we take everything we have gathered and learned throughout our process so far and start sketching down all our ideas. These sketches can range anything from 50 to 500 or more sketches. From these, we start narrowing down our ideas and refining the ones we feel will work best for the project.
Photos are taken of the concepts and sent to our devices to digitize. Logos needs to be drawn as vector graphics, to ensure scalability while your logo remains clear and crisp, so you can use it as the smallest icon or on the largest billboard. Now we play around with our chosen concepts and look at some fonts and colors pallets that might work well with the design.
We will always include 2 or 3 random mockups of your logo on some products, just so you can get a better idea of what your brand would look like, out there in the world.



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